Perhaps you know the saying: the yes runs like a red thread through our family ... Grandpa had ... had ... the grandmother had the disease ... and the familiar. Maybe there with you in the family even relatives who have died of sudden or unnatural death or fateful events. Perhaps there were people in your family who have inflicted other damage were perpetrators. Perhaps there were unhappy marriages. Maybe, maybe ...

families, our ancestors have a strong effect on uns.Ungeklärte family relationships are mirrored us in life again and produce z. Part massive burdens and obstacles in the form of diseases and recurrent Schwierigkeiten.Deshalb it is for us in our own interest the important Connection to respect to our ancestors and to honor. The clarification of our roots, our origins is essential for every human being. One can almost say that our ancestors live a bit further in us and we give it back on to our children - as a never ending cycle. Often we do not realize is that. Nevertheless, the experiences are of those who have gone before, stored in the Tree field and we are able to retrieve this experience and it can be worn as anzuknüpfen.Sich and held by the ancestors field experience to be a powerful and salutary experience. We incorporated therein by the wisdom, accept the gifts and the power of our ancestors.

We can not escape our ancestors. We are our ancestors !!

Our ancestors are our roots. Are these sick, suffers from the tree.

In not only biological genetic information, but also energetic Ancestry genetic information act.

Everyone is involved, an information and energy field

The effect of the ancestors is active until the 7th member and sometimes beyond.

Quite often one's own identity is overshadowed by influences from the Tree system, so that you can follow as an invisible constraint, the guilt, the entanglement of ancestral lives.

By knowing the fate of the ancestors and the clarity about their own involvement with it, creating a better understanding of their personal situation

Learning Tree Field healing

Implementation of energy-ups with element end family constellations.

Notes on Ancestry loads can be:

  • Diseases
  • Similar behavior and anomalies within the family
  • We do not feel as we ourselves
  • We are in dependency and codependency
  • We have no opinion
  • Relationship problems (inability to relate, jealousy, fear of loss, etc.
  • We recognize ourselves in doing and work in other people again (parents, grandparents, or immediate family members)
  • Checking compulsions
  • Hereditary diseases

With Ancestral Healing can bring the entire flow of energy in the ancestral line through the origin again. The healing extends not only over the time and the cause of the core, but acts through the morphogenetic field for the whole generation.

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