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Quantum Healing, this Bergriff is currently a lot of reading. It seems that Quantum Healing is something completely new. This is not true, the "Kahunas - Shaman" from the Hawaiian Huna have the knowledge of at least 5000 year old healing system already under the term "KAHI - the magic touch" applied.

About 20 years ago the words quantum physics and quantum healing made by Kienslow, Bartlett and Blake as a 2-point method or matrix method known Runde.Die Western culture needs unfortunately such words as they tried through the science evidence and explanations to find.

Thereby inventing the laws of the cosmos again, though Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom, she once wrote to Emerald tablets, has been handed down and has therefore humans.
These laws apply throughout the cosmos, on all levels of being. They are eternal and unchanging.

Quantum Healing works with gentle touch and added to the autonomic nervous system spontaneously and immediately can be held in a state in which deep healing processes: The nervous system immediately switches on healing around and can do all the "Reorganize", what is not working optimally. The amazing thing is not only the client, but also the user experiences an immediate, long-lasting sense of wellbeing.

In the quantum cure the performer sends a vibration with which he activates the healing process.

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