Light and Reiki  Berlin - being and quality of life in a natural way.

rsymb1 Reiki is the Japanese name for universal life energy. At the same time there is a method to let life energy flow through the hands. Reiki activates the self-healing powers of the people and support the personal development. As a side effect, it relaxes and enhances well-being.


The universal life energy supports all life in its development and its expression. It acts both on the physical body, on the emotional, the mental plane and on a spiritual level. As amazing as the effect at the beginning is still, the faster it is for most normal thing in the world, to lay hands on and to flow Reiki.

rsymb2rsymb3Everyone, provided interior disposition can learn Reiki. Reiki is not a religion and not a placebo, Reiki is practical experience and a way to take life into their own hands. Working with Reiki requires no effort of will or concentration. Rather, it is a creative make it happen.

Application and treatment

In the treatment with Reiki, the receiver is placed in a state internal equilibrium, whereby the self-healing powers are in body, mind and spirit enabled. Reiki helps acute and chronic diseases to treat, can speed healing and relieve pain.
Effect of Reiki on the physical plane
Stress reduction, relaxation, strengthening the immune system, causing low disease conditions, natural cures for eczema, for example, allergies, nerve irritation, asthma, accelerated healing of wounds.

Effect of Reiki on the mental level
Intuition develops and intensifies, development of own potential, positive living, creativity, promotion of self-development, clear decision-making power.

Kids love Reiki, they unconsciously know that Reiki is good for theme very mother has surely seen how your crying child came running because it has hurt somewhere or fallen

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