After the spread of Hawayo Takata legend Usui is said to have experienced as a Tendai Buddhist 1922 on the sacred Mount Kurama near Kyoto's claims to an enlightenment experience during a 21-day fast meditation. From this he had a spiritual healing system, which he called Usui Reiki Ryoho developed. With this system, he was able to make a large number of spectacular healing successes.

Reiki is the Japanese name for universal life energy. At the same time there is a method to let life energy flow through the hands. Reiki activates the self-healing powers of the people and support the personal Entwicklung.Für Reiki is the initiation by a Reiki teacher erforderlich.Reiki includes no specific faith or religion. The Reiki giver is withdrawn no personal power, he's only channel for the energy that adapts to the needs of the recipient. The Reiki recipient gets only as much pure energy as it needs.

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