sylvia boettcher   

        Hello my name is Sylvia

        and am 59 years young.

How I came to Reiki

Actually a

Online game, in the year 2011th

I suffered from epicondylitis (a so-called golfer's elbow).

I was approximately 1 year in medical treatment of plaster on deep X-ray radiation, cortisone treatment to surgery everything has been tried, but nothing helped.

About an online game I met Andre know, there followed many conversations about the distance

he sent me repeatedly Reiki.

Until then, I had heard of Reiki anything yet and thought, well let's make it happen may times nix, he is far away.

After about 3 months I was pain-free and able to bear full weight of my arm again.

I was and am so fascinated and convinced that I wanted to know this kind of healing closer and learn learn themselves.

So I dealt intensively with the topic.

In April 2013, I successfully completed the basic seminar for Thera Nui application, in Oldenburg by Renate Stolle and Andre Hofer.

In January 2015, I have the training as ancestors field healer, successfully completed the Institute MerliNada.

In the master degree Reiki course I'm also inaugurated now.

  • Reiki Master in the Usui System of Natural Healing by Dr. Mikao Usui
  • HeilenergiePraktiker®
  • Ancestry field healer
  • Thera Nui users
  • Master / Teacher degree for Kundalini Reiki
  • Discuss diseases
  • Full Spectrum Healing Master(with teacher qualifications)
  • Full Spectrum Light Master(with teacher qualifications)

Reiki-Linie 1-3. Grad: Usui - Hayashi - Takata - Premjuk - Upasana - Petter - Falk - Blaschke - Mietke - Cannella - Böttcher

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