Occupations of foreign energies can also occur in both real estate people, but objects.

Through the weakening of one's own energy field to create a platform for occupations by foreign powers.

Such weaknesses may be, for example:

-sorrow can say negative thoughts, doubts, guilt, distrust, not "No", Home and Work stress and much more

Most us an occupation by foreign energy is unaware .You interferes and energy-consuming on us.

Some examples of the most striking signs of foreign occupation may be:

-: constant fatigue, unexplained mood swings, sudden panic attacks or anxiety, addictions, feeling his dogged by bad luck, depression, sudden onset of disease, "inner voices heard"

If it is in the foreign energy to "lost souls", as they are led to the clearing with the help of angels and beings of light into the light ".

If stored at us, or at objects and real estate curse, the curse will be banned and thus "dissolve curse" the person or the object or property.

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