Energetic erection

Pain back are among the most common illnesses people in Germany, and thus are not in vain, the term "People's suffering". According to recent statistics more than 25 million, so every third German suffer from such severe pain.

The reasons for this are widespread.

Incorrect or too little movement, incorrect lying, sitting and walking often bear the responsibility. But not only physical but also psychological aspects can play a major role here.

Absenteeism or even disability are the second most common reason, complaints on musculoskeletal system, as a basis. Its centerpiece is the spinal column. Here run all nerves which are responsible for the care of our bodies and our bodies.

Stand here a deformity on, this deformity may lead to Muskulär- or organ complaints, for which there is perhaps not even a neurological or pathological findings

The suffering of such deformity may be manifested, among other things as follows:

  • Backache
  • Shoulder pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Herniated disc
  • Headache
  • Migraine
  • Tinitus
  • Weakness in the legs.

In addition to the consequences for the victims of low back pain caused enormous costs in the healthcare system millions of sick leave to his credit, because often the symptoms of a chronic nature.

An energetic erection affects the body, the mind and his soul. They should be compared with the state of rebirth. The body will be set to "zero", the muscle learns again the state of deep relaxation and the body's self-healing powers are activated. Existing inconsistencies of the pelvis or the shoulder is counteracted.

If there is already a bad position already for a considerable time ago,a Mehrfachaufrichtung may be required.

There is no interference with the natural skeletal structure instead!

Requirements for energy are no erection. They can be performed at any age.

Our animal friends, such as horses, can take such a treatment for pain in particular gaits to complete.

Note: A mentally energetic erection to enable the self-healing powers, but does not replace medical diagnosis or treatment!

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